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Edward Snowden, a twenty-nine-year-old former C.I.A. technical assistant, has disclosed information concerning the National Security Agency programs and their surveillance practices. It has been revealed that the FBI and NSA are allowed to spy on hundreds of millions of innocent Americans, that the NSA can keep information on a U.S. citizen for up to five years without a warrant, and that the NSA watches and surveils other countries and global leaders clandestinely. Edward Snowden, albeit he may be considered a criminal for leaking such information, is a more a whistleblower as he unveiled information about the government and the NSA that is considered unjustifiable and illegal.
Edward Snowden’s title as a whistleblower is emphasized by
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Not only do they invade Americans’ privacy, but they also target other countries such as Germany and China. German included that over a dozen bills have been introduced in congress to narrow the public surveillance authorities and increase transparency regarding continuing programs. Therefore, it’s important to understand that legal actions are being taken, which illustrates officials’ consensus with Snowden and the misconducts shown through his leaks. Edward Snowden informed the nation on illicit activity within the government, exemplifying his epithet as whistleblower. From the point of view of people in China or Germany, he would easily be considered a whistleblower as well.
However, many people, and Toobin in “Edward Snowden is No Hero,” may say that Edward Snowden is considered more of a criminal since he participated in the unauthorized disclosure of classified information, which is a crime that is warned of repeatedly to any government employee or contractor. Although Snowden did perform this act, in the given circumstances, he isn’t much of a criminal since the crime he committed ultimately led to the acts of a whistleblower, publicly benefiting the American citizens and enlightening the ignorant. This is evident as the leaks have revealed that U.S. military

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