Edward Snowden: There is no Online Privacy in this Technological Era

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The issue on privacy is extremely controversial in today’s world. As the United States’ use of the internet, a global web of interconnected computer networks, expands, so does its problem with privacy invasion. With the U.S. pushing for new laws governing internet use, citizens are finding their privacy being pulled right from underneath them. Web users are buying and selling personal information online as well as hacking users for more information. One may argue that there is no such thing as privacy on the internet, but privacy is a right among Americans, and should be treated as such. The National Security Agency is a government run service. It is responsible for the international surveillance, deciphering, collection, analysis, and…show more content…
Some major data brokers include, Intelius, People Lookup, US Search, Epsilon, White Pages, and many more. These companies provide anyone with information on everyone. In the example of a convict sentenced to jail by someone. On release, they can request information on the person who testified against them, and harass them. Some companies sell information to companies who offer specific services. An article titled Privacy Tools: Opting Out from Data Brokers written by Julia Angwin spills the beans on companies using personal data to target groups of people. Angwin speaks on how data brokers sell mailing lists to other companies. “[P]rivacy expert Pam Dixon testified in Congress that she had found data brokers selling lists with titles such as “Rape Sufferers” and “Erectile Dysfunction sufferers.”” (Angwin). Once businesses and companies that send junk mail receive this information, they bombard people with fliers and unwanted promotions. Citizens are being targeted and are unaware of it. Citizens are also being targeted by hackers. There are various types of hackers. White hat hackers, also known as ethical hackers, break security to test security systems. White hat hackers break through security systems to make them better. Black hat hackers violate computer security, and destroy data and make networks unusable. Grey hat hackers are a combination. They break into secure networks with the hopes of discovering weak spots, and offering to fix them.
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