Edward Snowden and Asylum Petition in Brazil

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Edward Snowden’s in Brazil supporters gave the Foreign Ministry a concrete petition signed by over 1.1 million individuals advocating for the government of Dilma Rousseff to allow the US NSA (National Security Agency) whistle-blower asylum in their country. The petition, started in November 2013 on the Avaaz, gathering support from all over Brazil and around the whole world, this provided a powerful an great expression of the concrete support for Snowden showed hostility towards the global leading spying operations carried by the NSA. The Revelations of the documents made available by Snowden have made a strong impact in the country, in the county, they have managed to identify the USA spying agency’s systematic hacking and snooping of government officials, phone-calls, messages, emails and Internet searches of President Rousseff and her assistants. This means that economic sabotage towards the 4th largest state owned Oil Company in the and towards the ministry of mining and energy too. David Miranda initiated the petitions, he is the Brazilian partner in the Rio-based journalist Glenn Greenwald, and he has also broken many other stories which concern the documents leaked by Snowden. Last year August, Miranda was allegedly held for over 9 hours at London’s Heathrow airport while his luggage and belongings were seized by the UK government. The numerous discussions on Edward Snowden’s life have apparently heated in Brazil since last December, especially after the open

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