Edward Snowden's Invasion Of Privacy

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Known as the symbolism for freedom, the United States of America has maintained its proclaimed title through democracy principles. On May 2013, these principles were put to the test. Edward Snowden, a former Intelligence community analyst fled to Hong Kong leaving his family and life behind to take a stand for democracy. He revealed documents on the National Security Agency (NSA) using mass surveillance programs that appeared to be working outside of the US Constitution. This act jeopardized his freedom and liberty as he was charged with the 1917 Espionage act. Known as a hero to many, yet, a lawbreaker to others, it does not take away the fact that he uncovered the United States to be at risk of becoming nationally oppressive. Mass surveillance…show more content…
With a new job, girlfriend, and lifestyle Snowden has well adjusted in a different country while the outcome of his actions continues to take major primacy in America. Countless debates on the accuracy and effectiveness of mass surveillance and the endangerment of the founding document of what made the United States the powerful country it is today continue to arise. Potentially the biggest debate is the worthiness of the tradeoff between security and secrecy. Some might argue that surveillance is acceptable, being that those who have nothing to hide would not be concerned or bothered by this invasion. What they fail to realize it that this would shut down innovation in the society and will only stagnate the countries growth. When people feel like they are being watched in every move they make, they will be more careful even if they are not doing anything wrong. Freedom involves the liberty and comfort to know that you are given the opportunity to explore. Lastly, uncertainty will always be part of life. Surveillance will never be able to change that, especially when it has proven to fail to meet its purpose. Being perfectly safe is an illusion that cannot be filled with any sort of
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