Edward Snowden's Journey

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Travel for personal benefit is widely recognized. Things such as a trip, or a holiday are very common especially to international destinations. Edward Snowden’s journey was one of personal struggle against the country he loved and protected, as well as one to shield his own moral compass. His travel was not for personal benefit or satisfaction, but of self-security. Being considered a terrorist, Snowden is a top priority of the United States Government. They wish to extradite him from his hiding spot and bring him to justice for turning on his country, potentially putting American lives in danger, and breaking his oath as a government agent.
As a former agent for the CIA, Snowden was privy to close guarded secrets of the US government in regards to clandestine programs and illegal missions of surveillance across the globe. Knowing the false truths of his own government, Snowden fled America with classified documents that he would use as blackmail against the America until he ultimately applied for asylum in Russia and other neighboring countries. Tensions have become raised between two former enemies, and current fragile acquaintances over a fundamental dispute of integrity and respect. His actions reshaped the repairing relationship between the US and Russia, his own life, the lives of his loved ones, and the people he thought he was protecting. The only question that remains is why hasn’t he been given asylum or extradited from Russia to the US? There are underlying
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