Edward Taylor And Anne Bradstreet

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Throughout this class we have read different types of literature from many different authors. Some of the material I truly enjoyed and some of it not so much. I really enjoyed the Native American literature that we started out with in the beginning of the semester. I think the Native Americans are beautiful people who appreciated the land more than most. The Native Americans were smart people who used short stories such as The Chief’s Daughters and Coyote and Bear to warn their readers of dangers or teach them moral lessons. I also enjoyed authors such as Edward Taylor, Anne Bradstreet, and Thomas Paine. I did not like reading William Byrd’s material, chiefly because he was rude and spoke nastily of the Native Americans. It personally offended me that he thought their belief of afterlife to be “gross and sensual”.
I have read material from many different authors and although I enjoyed most of them, I have to say that my two favorites were Edward Taylor and Anne Bradstreet. Both of these authors are Puritans, and it is easy to tell when reading their pieces. Puritans typically write in simple language, and always refer to God. Edward Taylor created a powerful analogy in his piece, Upon a Spider Catching a Fly. The analogy that he describes is an analogy between people and Satan. The spider represents the devil, who is manipulative and wants to trap people in his web of sin. The wasp represents someone who is strong in their faith and does not let themselves get trapped in…
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