Edward Taylor Prologue Poem Analysis

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In Edward Taylor’s “Prologue” he seeks to demonstrate the inferiority of man in respect to God’s glory. Taylor begins his piece by creating a metaphor in which his own subsidiarity to God is described in terms of physical stature and uniqueness. He then purposefully includes phrases with erroneous meter and imperfect rhymes to demonstrate that his inferiority extends to his abilities as a writer. Taylor further attempts to establish his lack of authorial skills by including repetitious words, implying that he lacks an extensive vocabulary. When combined these tactics serve to support the idea that Edward Taylor has many shortcomings, both as a human and a poet, especially in comparison to the greatness of God. Taylor begins demonstrating his meagerness by describing the vast inequity between physical standing of God and man by employing a metaphor. In this metaphor, Taylor is but a mere “Crumb of Dust” in comparison to the glory of God’s creation (line 1). This contrast firstly demonstrates Taylor’s inadequacy when examined from a physical perspective; Taylor is but the smallest piece of dust, while God’s glory is, comparatively, almost endless in size and scope. God being larger than Edward Taylor serves to suggest that God is thus innately superior to Taylor, as greater size implies superiority over those with smaller builds. Therefore, Taylor is not simply seeking to suggest that God is physically larger than himself, but instead aiming to use their difference in bodily
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