Edwardian Era Research Paper

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In 1897, five years after Tolkien was born, Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th anniversary of her inheritance of the throne. She was also Empress of India since 1876 until 1901 when she had died. Her son, Edward VII later became king of England which emphasized London’s role as the national capital (Lynch 113). By this time, they had a constitutional government. The Edwardian age was seen as golden for the upper class, but socialism, women suffragettes and trade unions were becoming powerful ( By 1910 George V became King, later in 1914 World War I began after the assassination of Archduke, and once Britain saw that Germany was dominating Europe, Britain joined the war ( A year before the war ended, the Russian Revolution commenced in which polarized British opinion, which affected its domestic politics, and its foreign and economic policies. ( Britain after the World War, gave vote to all men over the age of 21 and to women over the age of 30 in June of 1918. In the middle of…show more content…
Middle class in 1914 was around 20% of the population but by 1939 it was 30%. More jobs were opened to women and new technology made it easier for households. By 1959, many homes had vacuums cleaners, however, fridges and washing machines wasn’t common until the 60s. Ordinary people didn’t have electricity until the 20s and 30s, though, rich people could afford either electric light or use gas. Their diet changed as well; by 1937 food was cheaper, sweets became consumed more commonly too ( By the 60s, education changed and children had full-time education and the number of students going to post-secondary schools doubled. The growth of media, followed by the arrival of the radio and television, allowed people to be both entertained and informed
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