Edward's Room-Personal Narrative

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Ten minutes later Edward closes the book he was reading and puts it back on the bookshelf where it belongs. As Edward is sitting back down Julia enters the room carrying a tray with a kettle and four porcelain tea cups on it. Julia places the tray on top of the wooden table between the sofa and two armchairs then she begins to fill the four cups with tea. Once Julia has finished pouring the tea Patrick enters the room and sits down in the armchair beside his master. Seeing that Julia is just standing beside the wooden table Samantha sits up straight and motions for the maid to take a seat. Julia walks over to the sofa takes a seat and just like earlier she waits for some else in the room to start a conversation. Julia passes out the glasses of tea to everyone in the room puts the tray and kettle back in the kitchen then she walks back into the living room.…show more content…
“Detective you know you should be proud of yourself of all the people who has seen our master's true form you had the best reaction of them all,” he said. “Remember when I showed Napoleon Bonaparte he had a breakdown and cried for two days straight,” Edward said. “Perhaps you are right master, but that doesn't make her reaction any less amusing,” Patrick said. Edward began to laugh, but he stopped when he looked over at Samantha who was once again starring at him as if he was something on his face. “Tell me what exactly are you,” Samantha said. “That my dear is a very long story, but since I am not much of a storyteller so I would ask Patrick to tell you my life story,” he
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