Edwin Hubble and His Dream

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Some children want to be teachers, some want to be fireman and some children want to have multiple careers. There was one young man born in eighteen eighty-nine who wanted to be an astronomer. That young man’s name is Edwin Hubble. The great Edwin Powell Hubble was the son on an insurance executive. He was born in Missouri. At the age of nine his residence changed from Missouri to Chicago. Growing up he enjoyed basketball and boxing. Hubble was a young man with the admiration to succeed in his education. He graduated from high school in nineteen o six and continued on to college. Hubble receive an academic scholarship at the University of Chicago. He also received an academic and athletic scholarship to receive the Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. When choosing his major in college the first thing that came to mind was astronomy. Astronomy peaked his curiosity. His father had a realistic view on his son’s career. Due to the respect he had for his father, Hubble studied law. Not only did he study law but he studied literature and Spanish. After passing the bar, he practiced law in Kentucky for a year. In 1913, he moved on to become an educator at the New Albany High School in Indiana. Edwin taught Math, Spanish and Physics. So his father knew certain careers would allow his son to take care of himself. He enjoyed teaching. He also enjoyed being the basketball coach for the high…
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