Edwin Muir Research Paper

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Edwin Muir, a 19th century poet, lived a long and fairly pleasant life, despite his early years. Muir came into the world on the 15th of May in 1887, on one of the Orkney Islands. (Poem Hunter) His parents were farmers, but in 1901 his parents and siblings, 6 in all including Muir, were forced off of their land for financial reasons, and so they traveled to Glasgow. Once there, two of Muir’s brothers, along with both of his parents, passed away. With half of his family gone, Muir and the rest of his siblings parted ways. Young and on his own with so little formal education, Edwin Muir scrounged for work doing menial jobs such as being an office clerk or a factory worker. Finally, in 1913, Muir didn’t have to wait long to be published for his
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