Eed 465 Curriculum Social Studies

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Interview and Standards Investigations As I read and thought about the Social Studies Standards, I considered looking into the standards for First grade. I think that children in this grade level are at a good age to better understand Social Studies. I do realize that teaching Social Studies starts from pre-school however it can be further be understood by older aged students. The topics that are covered according to the Standards first grade should introduce settlements and cultures, civilizations, and different places around the world. In the standards for first grade there are five strands. In the first strand covered in the standards introduces the students to American History. It uses several concepts research skills for…show more content…
Students learn about their rights, responsibilities, and roles of citizenship by showing good behavior, being courteous, generous, participating in the classroom and within their communities. Students are also given a basic and general understanding as to why there are laws, rules, consequences, and punishments, and how they play a part in the protection of everyone. In Foundations of Economics students are taught to distinguish between material and immaterial objects, and how choices are based on the resources available. The students are also taught that some of the goods that are provided within the United States were not made locally. They learn about good and services that we receive from other countries. By providing materials such as currency from other countries student learn the on all countries have the same monetary values. Within this strand there is also a concept of personal finance which helps the students learn about the reasons that they should save money for future needs of goods and services. Strand 4 covers the area dealing with Geography. Geography helps the students learn about maps, legend/key, symbols, compass, etc. This helps the students with basic knowledge and understanding of the world they live on. The students get to explore and draw out their own complete maps with a legend and a compass. The students learn that the world is composed of land and water. They are

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