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BNCS311 INTRODUCTION TO BRAIN AND COGNITIVE SCIENCES Electroencephalography (EEG) Brain Imaging: Function, Pros and Cons Submit To: Prof. Dr. Christian Wallraven Cognitive Systems Lab Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering Done by: Dk Norhaziratulbillah Pg Hj Hashim 2015951229 Visiting Student Program (VSP) Spring 2015 One of the most complex systems that researchers are continuously demand to understand is the human brain. The human brain consists of billions of nerve cells or neurons connected via electrical and chemical activities (NeuroPro). In the early 20th century, German physiologist and psychiatrist named Hans Berger was the first to record these electrical activities in the brain…show more content…
The picked up electrical signals from the scalp is then sent to the amplifiers that is used to reduce noises in the signals (Teplan, 2002). After that, the signals will be translated from analog into digital form precisely in a converter for which the acquired data are then stored and presented in the personal computer (Teplan, 2002). According to Roche and Dockree (2011), once the signal has been recorded, the researcher might use two main approaches available namely event-related potentials (ERPs) and Spectral Analysis to further analyze the signal from brain neuronal activity. Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) analyze the changes of the continuous electrical activity in the brain caused by a cognitive, motor or perceptual event that could determine what regions of brain are activated at a given time (Roche & Dockree, 2011). Whereas Spectral Analysis shows the correlation between electrophysiological and mental activity through decomposing brain rhythms into different frequency bands that can be measured during times when the persons are alert and receptive (Roche & Dockree, 2011). Although, there are different methods in examining the brain neuronal activity such as MRI, MEG and CT, the EEG is known to be a comprehensive and effective brain-imaging technique (Michel & Murray, 2012). The EEG is categorized as a functional imaging method because it has the

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