Eel Observation Report

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Chimpanzees are animals that are capable of determining on who and when to collaborate with when it comes to getting help. They are the only non-human species that posses this ability. Experimenters set up different situations to see if the coral trout fish also had the ability to collaborate with organisms to obtain food or chose to ride solo and obtain the food itself. The experimenter used two different types eels to compare. Some of the eels used were good collaborators to the fish and some eels were bad collaborators, in which just swam away. The trout fish then collaborated with the eel that was most beneficial, which resulted in trapping the prey and being able to benefit both parties. The results concluded that the trout fish were similar to chimpanzees when it came to determining who to collaborate or find beneficial in order to obtain food or other needs.
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The strengths I noticed were that the experimenters used two of the same type of eels to compare to which were called the moray eels. Only different factors of the eels compared
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Instead of proving a point it makes the researchers doubt if fish wouldn’t be the only species with the same skills. If this experiment could be further tested, I would like to learn the outcome of the trout fish potentially collaborating with another species in the ocean. In future experiments, I would like the trout fish to be experimented with different types of fish as well as the eels to compare and see how the situation would alter the results. If the results obtained allowed another species to collaborate with the trout fish I would also compare to the warm blooded animals such as the chimpanzees. It would further increase questions on which other type of small-brained animal could also compare to the chimpanzee and its
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