Eeoc V. Mesa Sys

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EEOC v. Mesa Sys., Inc., D. Utah, No. 11-1201, consent decree entered 9/27/13 The language barrier in organizations can be a hurdle to get over. There are those that speak many languages and there are those that can only read and write in English. Those that are more comfortable speaking in their native language may do so with others that speak the same language due to the ease of understanding. There can be employee concerns for everyone in the organization. There are those that do not speak the language that may feel as if the employees are speaking about them or speaking about something that they do not want others to know. There are organizations like the case of EEOC v. Mesa Sys., Inc., D. Utah, No. 11-1201 where the organization goes too far. Employee concerns such as harassment, mistreatment, and being singled out for speaking their national origin, language for a reason to fire them. The case of EEOC v. Mesa Sys., Inc., D. Utah, No. 11-1201 states the EEOC is claiming that the Mesa Systems discriminated against a group of employees for using a language other than English in their positions of employment that did not require English only, the employees were given jobs with bad conditions, it was a hostile work environment, and those that complained were treated with retaliation for their behavior and the use of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The employees that were subject to this mistreatment according to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity

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