Effecive Management Pracrices in the Workplace Essay

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This paper will explain how good management practices of planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling are implemented into the workplace. It will analyze the application of these management concepts to the workplace. Including specifics of how five functions are practiced in the workplace. Applying the five functions can only improve any business that is willing to accept changes. At the time it was not known that the Boutique was using the five functions. The course made it clear that the owner was utilizing the five functions and the contribution it will offer to the business when practiced during operation.

Effective Management
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The owner presented a set of goals in the plan that was drawn out in great detail it was a plan of action, not just words to achieve the goals. He let everyone know planning was an ongoing process and plans will take time to implement into the business. The owner coordinated the proposals and was the overseer of the plans, but included all involved to understand the plan and make sure that they are completed effectively. Communicating as a team receiving feedback on these goals it was agreed as a team they are reachable.
MANAGEMENT PRACTICES The owner performed the majority of the planning, but did ask for feedback, he was willing to listen to our suggestion on how to make it possible to achieve. The plan was broken into several parts so everyone had a part to play as to not to overwhelmed one person. The plan was to keep the business on track and move forward in order to be more competitive with the industry. He had long-term and short-term goals with short-term to be prioritize and completed first. The manager was included in the planning, but the owner made it clear he had the last word and will make the majority of the decisions. Although, the manager with the owners approval did have some input of how the boutique was to be ran on a daily basis since he was more hands on in the business. Bring in and use personnel people in the early planning, especially when business and changes will affect

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