Effect Of Change On Healthcare

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Change is inevitable. It happens on a routine or sometimes sporadic basis. Whatever the case may be, knowing when the change will happen and being proactive can significantly help reduce stress. Healthcare is consistently evolving with technology and implementing protocols and policies based on evidenced based practices. We now live in a world of healthcare where our medical records are electronic, and patients can communicate with their providers through telecare. For most people in the medical field, change is viewed as positive: shorter wait times in the ER, easier access to medical records, and better communication between patients and their providers. There are still some people who refuse to implement change due to fear of the unknown and the comfort of how things run prior to the changes. If we can provide the people reluctant to change with some positive outlooks and evidence, maybe they will be more willing to change their attitudes and implement the changes. The Impact of Change in Healthcare When talking about Healthcare and benefits, the first topic to come up is money. How much, and is it cost effective for the hospital and the patient? The more recent changes made within the Healthcare system has been the transformation of paper to electronic medical records. “The adoption of interoperable EMR systems could produce efficiency and safety savings of $142–$371 billion” (Hillestad et al., 2005). This is a huge saving for Healthcare. The money saved on
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