Effect Of Citizen Police Academies On Community Relationships With The Police Essay

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The Effect of Citizen Police Academies on Community Relationships with the Police Background Over the past several years, there have been several high-profile police-involved shootings, and the justification behind the shooting has been questioned. Several of these shootings have resulted in a subsequent criminal conviction involving some form of a homicide charge for the police officer involved. This has created a great division between those who support and those who oppose the police. Police agencies and community leaders have sought to repair this relationship, and citizen police academies are one potential avenue. In the past, as a move to try and improve these police—community relations, police departments all over the country implemented citizen police academies, or CPAs. These were initially implemented during the beginning of the community-oriented policing era, and the first department in the US to have one was the Orlando Police Department in 1985 (Lee, 2016). Since then, CPAs popularity has grown nationally, and police departments all over the county have them. Somewhere between 15 and 20 percent of agencies have CPAs, and they are far more common among those who serve larger, metropolitan areas (Lee, 2016). CPAs teach participants the details of the various functions of the police, including law, patrol techniques, use of force, self-defense, firearms, SWAT, and crime prevention (Brewster, Stoloff, & Sanders, 2005). These CPAs have the
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