Effect Of Coffee On Alertness Essay

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Chapter 2

This chapter presents the related literature and studies that the researchers found significant for the improvement of the research. This will also serve as a synthesis of all the gathered research for the greater understanding of the reader and the researchers as well. The discussion for this chapter will be divided into parts. The first part is about coffee and it aspects, like the coffee industry and coffee consumption. Following that part is the discussion of caffeine, the major component of coffee, which includes its positive and negative effects on health. The third part concerns alertness, which is the other focus of our research. After that comes the last part which discusses the link between the two and what are the effects of coffee on alertness. The discussion will answer some of our research question and is important for the success of this paper.

Coffee as an Industry
Around the world, one of the well-known beverages and the most consumed or exported product, after petroleum, is none other known as coffee. Coffee is developed in around over 80 nations and involves itself in worldwide business. Specifically, the universal coffee trade includes about 500 million people for management; beginning from cultivation until the final consumption. The coffee industry manufactures huge amounts of coffee-by-products which are considered as prosperous nutrient resources. Examples of these by-products are such that of coffee husks and

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