Effect Of Cohabitation On The Male And Females

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Today it is the order of the day to find people involved and living together in sexual unions without actually getting married. Research has it that over 60% of marriages today derive their basis form prior cohabitation. However, less than a half of such unions end up in marriages of if they end up in marriages; the marriages themselves are never satisfied. According to statistics, over 46% of marriages derived from cohabitation today results in divorce cases and the worsening effects is even higher when the couple involved have cohabited severally in the past. The impacts of cohabitation have no positive effects on the male and females involved or even the children. Studies indicate that cohabiting parents spend most of their moneys on drugs and alcohol irrespective of whether they have children or not (Bradley & Corwyn, 2004). The aspects of living in cohabitation unions whether there is a definite plan to get eventually married does not indicate a better path for marriages as compared to forthright marriages. Researches on marriage qualities between cohabitation and actual marriages show poor conditions for cohabitation unions in all the aspects of the wedding. An analysis of children health between those born from cohabiting and those taken from married couples indicate quite ill health from those children born from cohabiting couple (Osborne & McLanahan, 2007). Furthermore, the relationships between the males and females involved in cohabitation going by research are
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