Effect Of Concentration On The Rate Of Decomposition Of Calcium Carbonate

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What affects reaction rate?

To determine how different concentrations of hydrochloric acid will affect the rate of decomposition of calcium carbonate.

That a higher concentration of hydrochloric acid will increase the rate of decomposition of calcium carbonate.


What we will measure:
We’ll measure this by:
The concentration of the hydrochloric acid
Different concentrations are provided
The mass of carbon dioxide that is produced
Mass Loss Method
Time, size of marble chips, temperature, amount of hydrochloric acid, weight of marble chips, same scale

1 x Stopwatch
1 x Balance Scale
1 x Spatula
6 x 100ml measuring cylinder
6 x 100ml Conical flask
1 x 50ml beaker
6 x 3g Marble Chips
2 x 6ml 0.5M HCl Acid
2 x 6ml 1M HCl Acid
2 x 6ml 2M HCl Acid

Diagram of reaction between Calcium Carbonate and Hydrochloric acid

Gather one 100ml conical flask and place 3 grams of medium marble chips at the bottom of the flask.
Measure the weight of the of the flask with the chips on the balance scale and record it down.
Prepare a stopwatch.
Pour 6ml of the 0.5M hydrochloric acid solution into the conical flask and start the stopwatch.
Measure the flask while the reaction is taking place every 30 seconds and record the mass down.
After 3 minutes, stop recording the mass of the flask.
Repeat this process again with the same materials.
Repeat the process again but use the 1M hydrochloric acid instead of the 0.5M
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