Effect Of Corporate Actions On Human Health And The Environment

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The point of it all, in addition to understanding the detrimental effects that corporate actions can have on human health and the environment, is the realization that corporations have a frightening level of power and control over multiple aspects of our society. Not only do products sold, economic presence, and a high volume of jobs provided by corporations affect how we live, but the active role that corporations play in deliberately shaping how people think through media, research, and political lobbying raises questions of how far we are willing to let them go.
Or at least it should. One of the greatest weapons that a corporation can wield is silence, which leads to ignorance about its operating practices, allowing it to commit
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According to Jane Akre, a member of the Monsanto investigative team who was interviewed for The Corporation, Monsanto demanded that Fox reedit the report multiple times, reaching up to 83 revisions before outright demanding that it be scrapped altogether. When Akre and her partner refused to trash the report, intending to expose the health risks posed by rBGH and protect the thousands of public schools which gave milk sourced from Monsanto to attendant children, they were fired. Undaunted, Akre went to the Florida court, citing wrongful termination and using an exchange between her and a senior editor as evidence that she should obtain whistleblower status, forcing both Fox and Monsanto to concede to her demands. Surprisingly, after an appeal from Monsanto, the court threw the case out, stating that obfuscating the truth was not strictly an illegal action under state and federal law.
The broader implications of this single case are terrifying. The first and foremost among them is that a court struck down a case which involved the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of youths across the nation at the behest of a corporation. Their reasoning was that because the deliberate violation of a core virtue was not explicitly written to be illegal, it was not valid for legal
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