Effect Of Divorce On Children Essay

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The end to a marriage is tragic and its effects ripple throughout the lives connected to that couple. Chaos and stress, probably feelings that have been there for some time before the divorce, impact the now divided family. Children in particular are vulnerable to the effects of divorce. Sol R. Rappaport, clinical and forensic psychologist, claims there are five factors as to why children have difficulties post divorce; exposure to parental conflicts, mental health of parents, the involvement of the now secondary parent, financial impact of the divorce, and the child’s perception on why the divorce occurred. With their brains not fully developed, children are unable to process and understand such conflict in relationships, so they resort to alternative ways of expressing their heartache and confusion. The effects of divorce vary depending on multiple factors, however most children experience behavioral and emotional issues that further impact their daily lives. The fact is that the divorce of parents remains with children, to some degree, all of their lives.
Children of divorce more often display behavioral problems at school than children from intact families, except when abuse is present in the home. Children of divorce also have more academic trouble than children from intact homes. This holds true no matter how their academic achievement is scored, whether by grades, standardized tests, or dropout rates, children of divorce tend to have poorer scores than children in a
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