Effect Of Economic Growth On Energy Demand And The Environment

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"Effect of Economic Growth in China on Energy Demand and the Environment" Introduction China has grown economically to be one of the most important countries in the world; with over 1.3 billion population and the sheer size of the country, this economic phenomenon is unprecedented. If only this were the only growth China has experienced, then it would really be a phenomenon, sadly, it is not. China 's drastic growth in the economy has also lead to a few other drastic growths, but it is not for the better, in fact, it is for the worse. The energy consumption level and the pollution level in China has grew much faster than the growth of GDP since 2002. In 2000, China has set a goal to quadruple its GDP by 2020, which could mean that the…show more content…
For the past thirty years, China 's GDP has been growth at a substantial rate 10% annually, when totaling that up for 30 years, that would be an increase over 17 times their original economy before their economic boom. China 's economy is ranked second to the U.S and it is the world 's largest exporter and the world 's second largest importer. This sounds magnificent, of course, until we bring into the statistics of China 's pollution level increase within those thirty years as well. Before China 's economic boom, their economy pollution was only minimal, after the economic reform implemented by Deng Xiao Ping, the economy started to grow, and pollution started to soar as well. From 1980 to 2001, China 's economy have grown at 10% GDP, but its energy consumption have not grown as fast, meaning there were less pollution than growth. China had excess energy to sell to the energy market in the world prior to 2002. After 2002, China 's demand for energy skyrocketed, which mean their pollution also skyrocketed to an unprecedented level in China 's history. By 2007, China had surpass U.S at the number one spot in pollution, in which it emits 20 million tons of Co2 annually, and this number is predicted to increase even more, but their economy was still only ranked second. Which means that China had generating more pollution per dollar GDP than the U.S. China is a very
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