Effect Of Economic Growth On Energy Demand And The Environment

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"Effect of Economic Growth in China on Energy Demand and the Environment" Introduction
China has grown economically to be one of the most important countries in the world; with over 1.3 billion population and the sheer size of the country, this economic phenomenon is unprecedented. If only this were the only growth China has experienced, then it would really be a phenomenon, sadly, it is not. China 's drastic growth in the economy has also lead to a few other drastic growths, but it is not for the better, in fact, it is for the worse. The energy consumption level and the pollution level in China has grew much faster than the growth of GDP since 2002. In 2000, China has set a goal to quadruple its GDP by 2020, which could mean that the pollution level will more than quadruple, due to the rate of environmental pollution is higher than the growth rate. China is now home to 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, if this statistic doesn 't seem shocking then I don 't know what will. With such severely environmental deterioration and energy consumption rate, China has more goal to look after than just their economic growth. The question here is how does economic growth which is consider a good thing seem to be bad, how it harms the environment making the condition for people living under a bad place to reside. What can be done to prevent the further growth of pollution due to economic success. Can we have been economic success as well as lower level of pollution? Or,…
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