Effect Of Food Safety Management Essay

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Introduction Food safety has arising international concern, not only for its continuing significance to public health, but also because of its impact on international trade (Burros, 1997). Motarjemi and Mortimore (2005) affirmed that ensuring food safety in now day 's complicated world is a difficult task and is possible only with a essential effort of all sectors implying government, consumer organizations and industry (Motarjemi, 2000). Which the sharing of food sector experts developed ISO 22000 incorporates the principles of HACCP, and respond to the needs of key levels which various international food retailer syndicates develop in a single document (Frost, 2005). The prerequisite programmes are the major discrimination between ISO 22000 and HACCP. The system more flexible as a smaller number of CCPs introduced was made by the incorporation of prerequisite programmes in the ISO22000 Research aim This study aims to illustrate the effect of food safety management through food safety programs like HACCP and ISO 22000 on critical control points in hotel industry. Research questions 1) What are the critical control points in the hospitality industry? 2) What do you mean food safety management? 3) What is the difference between HACCP and ISO 22000? 4) Is HACCP or ISO 22000 best in dealing with the critical control points? Literature Review Since history was first recorded unsafe food has been a human health problem and many food safety problems
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