Effect Of Globalization On Indian Culture

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Globalization’s Destructive Effect on Indian Culture

Globalization has a big part to play internationally. In India, globalization has effected India’s culture in a number of ways. Not only in India, the intersection of world views and ideas have caused a massive transformation of the life and living standard of people worldwide. Indian culture is no piece to this transformation procedure. India has an interesting cultural background and their culture is famous throughout the globe. Culture and traditions of any region on this Earth hold a unique importance with regard to its individuality. This uniqueness has been bothered by globalization. Globalization is very much definite when it hits a developing country like India.

The word ‘Globalization’ is self-explanatory. It is a global program for preserving evenness in the lifestyle of the people all over the globe. Globalization is the result of the interchange of worldly interpretations, opinions and the numerous features of the culture everywhere around the world. This is the means for offering the international arena for combination of people from different sectors, culture and dialects and learns to change and go forward socially without damaging and upsetting each other’s status.

The culture of every country does not only signify the culture and language of the region, but it begins with the mentality and attitude of the living citizens. Indian culture is very rich with admiration to its heritage, possessions, and
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