Effect Of Human Resource Management

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Effect of Human Resource Management

Prateek Gautam
Date: 4th May, 2015

Oklahoma State University
Information Systems Project Management
(MSIS 5033)
Dr. Art LaNata


Human resource management, commonly abbreviated as HRM is a function of an organization which is created to positively optimize employee performance of an employer 's business strategic goals. HRM aims on systems & policies and is mainly associated with the people’s management within the organizations.
HRM can be useful for any organization although it pose different challenges for different organizations and varies for organizations with distinct structures (functional, matrix and project-based).
We will discuss about how to properly manage people within an
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In today 's largely competitive world, since most major project failures are related to social issues, managing people effectively will have a significant impact on the outcome of a project [1].
With respect to management of people and businesses, we see several factors on which the organizational success depends. One of the most frequent is the concept of the relationship between business strategies and the personal characteristics of top company managers. The characteristics of manager such as attitude, body language, charisma, behavior, skills, abilities, morals, and beliefs are aligned with particular kinds of business strategies.
During the growth of a new business, it needs top managers who are likely to abandon the status quo and ready to adapt their strategies and goals to the marketplace. Studies also suggests that insiders are slow to recognize the onset of decline and are likely to persevere in strategies that are not effective and so, top managers need to be recruited from the outside [2].
Some case studies have also indicated evidence that companies have difficulties in handling the work and emotional situation of the individual and multirole assignments that may lead to exhaustion of younger employees that are unable to achieve an appropriate work-life balance or to manage the damaging consequences of role overload and role conflict. Furthermore, from an organizational and managerial perspective, not looking at such issues may damage efforts to
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