Effect Of Human Resource Management

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Effect of Human Resource Management

Prateek Gautam
Date: 4th May, 2015

Oklahoma State University
Information Systems Project Management
(MSIS 5033)
Dr. Art LaNata


Human resource management, commonly abbreviated as HRM is a function of an organization which is created to positively optimize employee performance of an employer 's business strategic goals. HRM aims on systems & policies and is mainly associated with the people’s management within the organizations.
HRM can be useful for any organization although it pose different challenges for different organizations and varies for organizations with distinct structures (functional, matrix and project-based).
We will discuss about how to properly manage people within an organization and how to maximize employee performance. This paper will try to explore the benefits which HRM can provide to an organization and we will cover some examples here to understand its importance in an organization.
We will also talk about HRM processes and practices which an organization can follow to achieve their goals.
Key Words: HRM, management of the people, maximizing employee performance.

Historically, projects were considered as technical systems and not behavioral systems. There was a belief that factors like attaining target dates, reaching financial plans and quality control of the final product is the key to success for a project but all this time, they were missing a very important component of HRM…
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