Effect Of Integrated Intervention On Pregnancy Outcomes

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The article has a first glimpse strength in terms of published medium. The journal Obstet Gynecol. has an impact factor of 4.368, which is generally considered good and reliable. That said, if the research and scientific findings were of great significance then the authors would have successfully published in journals of much higher review rigour and quality.

Did the study address a clearly focused issue?

In the abstract the authors explicitly state a working research question, that psycho-behavioural intervention reduces IPV recurrent during pregnancy and postpartum and improves birth outcomes in African American women. Although research into IPV is well documented, the effect of integrated intervention on pregnancy outcomes remains elusive (Van et al. 2014).

The title does not mention the specific target population that is investigated, but the text in the body does specify it to be African-American women. As stated in the article, the literature is inconsistent as to whether minorities are at increased risk, as some studies report significant differences and others report no ethnic differences. In this study the researchers compared counselling interventions during pregnancy and postpartum vs. usual care.

Overall the study addresses a focused issue, which is clearly described in the introduction.

Did the authors use an appropriate method to answer their question?

This is a longitudinal study (a type of cohort study). The main objective of a cohort study…
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