Effect Of Iodine On Cornstarch

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Testable Question: If iodine diluted in water (iv and solvent) is put in a plastic baggie (control) how will diffusion occur while put in a beaker with diluted cornstarch (dv and solute)?

Background research: Iodine is an indicator for cornstarch and will turn purplish-black when reacting with it. In this case iodine is the solute and cornstarch is a solvent. Diffusion is where molecules go from an area of low concentration to high concentration until molecules are evenly spread out. Plastic is semipermeable and iodine is smaller than the pores in plastic while cornstarch and water are bigger.

Hypothesis: We hypothesize that the iodine will go from the plastic baggie to the cornstarch then back until it evens out as the iodine is smaller than the plastic baggies membranes , so it will fit through and go from the high concentration to low concentration in the beaker outside then come back to the baggie as the outside will have higher concentration until it evens out in the baggie and in the beaker. While the water and cornstarch cannot go through as their molecules are bigger than the plastic baggies membrane they will not traverse between the baggie and the beaker.

Materials: Plastic Baggie, Water, Iodine, Cornstarch, A spoon, Rubber Band
Procedure: 1 - Fill baggie until it is about ⅓ full. 2-Then add 20 drops of iodine and tighten it but using rubber band on top 3- Fill beaker halfway with water and add 2 tsp of cornstarch and start mixing with spoon. 4 - Put baggie in
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