Effect Of LDH On Mako Sharks

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The LDH activity for mako sharks was 1050.7 ± 72.3 (Dickson, 1993). Which is close to what lizard fishes LDH activity was (1131 ± 221). Mako sharks can be found at great depths in the ocean and so can lizard fish (MarineBio, 2015). White muscle in elasmobranchs uses anaerobic metabolism during burst of energy that causes them to move quickly (Dickson, 1993), which could be how lizard fish use anaerobic metabolism as well. Blue sharks LDH activity was 149.1 ± 19.1 (Dickson, 1993). Shrimp have the closest LDH activity to blue sharks with 134 ± 30). However, blue sharks tend to be found in the open sea, whereas shrimp are normally found in shallow waters (Vandeperre et al. 2014). Blue sharks are very large (100-225 cm) compared to shrimp (5-6
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