Effect Of Lactose On Ice Cream

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What is the effect of varying amounts of lactose on the product in the chemical reaction to make ice cream?
To determine the effect of lactose amount has on ice cream consistency.

Background information
Lactose, also known as milk sugar, is a disaccharide found in the milk of most mammals. It consists of the monosaccharides glucose and galactose. Lactose is the major carbohydrate in the milk of most mammals (Milk Composition and Synthesis, 2009). Different types of milk, cream, and dairy contain varying amounts of lactose. Half and Half cream contains about 1.2g of lactose per ounce, whipping cream contains about .8g of lactose per ounce, and skim milk contains about 1.5g of lactose per ounce (Ryan, 2004). Some types of milk contain
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The hypothesis that if the amount of lactose was greater than the ice cream will be softer in consistency was supported based on the data that was collected. On average and in two out of three trials the data showed a decrease in height as the amount of lactose increased. This experiment showed how changing the amount of reactants in a chemical reaction can have a direct effect on the state of the product. Work Cited
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