Effect Of Plastic Surgery On Teenagers

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In March of 2008, a Florida girl went for a regular routine of cosmetic surgery, as the procedure began, her body temperature started rocketing abnormally high and the heart rate went out of levels. Right then, having to take extra precautions, the clinic flew her out to a hospital, later pronouncing that she had fallen into coma and soon after, passed away (Rivero 1). This mistake had sparked an outrage all over the world, not only because an innocent human being had died but it was a source that started it all, plastic surgery. Therefore showing that plastic surgery in teenagers should not be an escape of reality for teens, for the reason that with any human being, their features on their body will change, the surgery could possibly make…show more content…
In almost all cases when a teenager feels the need to go under the knife for a fix on their appearance, it is because of self-esteem issues they are facing as a teen. Added pressure from social media we all know subsequently well in this world lower those issues furthermore as well as hook on to what is striking and not in body appearances, but also the fact that there are many numerous of people being bullied by other people. This particular thing undermines the strides teenagers are willing to take from such childish and unimportant problems. The way that such hatred in this world even exists is completely uncanny, but the fear many teenagers face with those issues that they might have with their body or face, will almost always consider an option of plastic surgery to transform themselves into something enhanced. The price of that mishap will be their outlook on their future, what they might think is the most ghastly thing anyone has ever seen, may be the most elegant thing in the biosphere as they reach in their twenty’s. Yet some readers may challenge the view that teenagers will still continue to observe their negatives about their body as they grow older, because it
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