Effect Of Staff Nurse Education Intervention On Wound Infections

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Effect of Staff Nurse Education Intervention on Wound Infections in Adult Patients after Open Heart Surgery Mohsin Rasho and Jalal Dawood Valparaiso University I have neither given nor received, nor have I tolerated others ' use of unauthorized aid. Mohsin Rasho & Jalal Dawood Effect of Staff Nurse Education Intervention on Wound Infections in Adult Patients after Open Heart Surgery Wound infections can occur in adult patients who have open heart surgery, whether via bacteria or virus. According to the Hussain, Mannan, and Ali (2012), “sternal and mediastinal infection is a serious complication of cardiac surgical procedures…show more content…
For example, it was one author’s experience, when working in a cardiac surgery center in Duhok, Iraq, that five adult patients who were suffering from sternal wound infections died after open heart surgery. This is significant because they all died within 1 month. The investigation into the cause showed that the surgery instruments were not sterilized using the adequate and ideal method. Therefore, staff nurses in cardiac surgery departments need nursing knowledge so that they can provide safe care that reduces or eliminates post-operative infections. For example, they need instructions about sterilizing equipment, giving medications, and evaluating patients before, during, and after heart surgery. Nurse educators are prepared to provide teaching strategies to staff nurses to assure quality care. The purpose of this proposed quasi-experimental study is to investigate whether education for operating room staff nurses will result in fewer wound infections in adult patients after open heart surgery. Educational content will include sterilization program, medication program, and nursing care program. Review of Literature Wound infections in adult patients after cardiac surgery have been studied. A search was conducted in three different databases in areas such as in practice, research, and education. The search resulted in 21,946 hits when the CINAHL database was searched using the limiters of Scholarly
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