Effect Of Strains And Demands Essay

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Effect of Strains and Demands Currently,mechanization and automation of production processes have advanced. It appears that the causes of many accidents have moved from human error to those related to the maintenance of and interface with automated processes.Therefore, these positive consequences of technology are related negatively with to other, particularly the increase in psychological strains and corresponding ergonomic demands on workers in automated manufacturing plants due to the increased attention and responsibility required for overseeing the automated operations process, impersonal working environment and monotony of work. These strains and demands increase the occurrence of accidents which is harmful to health. Firstly, Strains have effects on workers who has been working there for a long time such effect are environmental strains like heat,temperature, light, humidity, air pollution and noise or they can be static or dynamic strains originating directly from the work process such as lifting, climbing, chemical exposure etc; Strain levels can be measured by force, noise and atmospheric exposures and strain factors have unmeasurable influences such as fatigue, mental stress, plant worker/management relationships etc. Secondly, workers demand are dependent on the type ,degree of the strain as well as capability to withstand the strain. Effects of demands begins to emanates physically and psychologically in the human body and it’s effect desirable or

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