Effect Of Stress On The Human Body

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Stress can be defined as a state in which the normal dynamic equilibrium of the complex attributes that maintain life are challenged, threatened or an individual feels that such equilibrium is threatened. The aspects that threaten this equilibrium within ones brain are called stressors and individuals struggle to restore the normal state by coming up with physiological and behavioral responses to that effect (Thoma, La Marca, Brönnimann, Finkel, Ehlert, & Nater, 2013). Within the human body, there are hormones that play a significant role in restoring this balance mainly the neuroendocrinic hormones. For stress to be experienced, the threshold of any stressor must be exceeded. When that threshold is passed, it is the stress system that is at the central nervous system that plays a major role in making sure that the equilibrium is restored by propagating a series of complex physiological and behavioral response (Thoma et al. 2013).
Music has been applied for treating of psychosocial and physiological attributes of illnesses and health situations. The techniques used employs systematic methods training people to gain behaviors and non-musical skills which are determined by specialist in music therapy. There are various facets of music used including the emotional, physical, aesthetic, spiritual, social and mental that the specialist target with a view to maintain and improve human health (Das & Mukherjee, 2014). The use of music to heal people has a long history and dating
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