Effect Of Sugary Sports Drinks

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The purpose of this study is to measure the effect that sugary sports drinks (ig. Gatorade, Poweraid) have on the human body during long sessions of exercise and multiple short bouts of high intensity exercise. This study will help provide evidence on the effectiveness of sports drinks or water. The possible effects of the sports drinks could be change in the state of the body’s hydration after long sessions of exercise, there could be effects on the heart rate, as well as respiration rate. Some of the other outcomes that could be tested is the effect on blood glucose levels at different stages of exercise.
Previous studies have found that the use of sports drinks have had an effect on performance during long bouts of exercise (Del Coso). The first finding of is study is that maximal voluntary contraction of the knee extensor muscles is reduced after prolonged cycling in the heat when no fluid was ingested. The combination of dehydration and hyperthermia caused this reduction. This is because Our body 's muscles use oxygen to make energy. And once the muscles have used up the oxygen and energy stores it starts doing secondary energy making process and this second line process makes lactic acid and as this acid builds up in your muscles, they fatigue.
A second finding of this study is that water ingestion, despite lessening dehydration and hyperthermia, it did not increase final maximal voluntary contractions. However, rehydrating with sports drinks…
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