Effect Of Unemployment On Gdp Per Capita Essay

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The focus of this study will include five variables, one dependent and four independent variables. The study will also review statistics from the last 34 years of the effect of unemployment on GDP Per Capita in the UAE: starting from 1980 to 2013.The primary independent variable is labor force and the other three independent variables are taxed, saving, and inflation. In this study, these variables will be explored and the correlation between the dependent variable, unemployment, which is determined by the independent variables, will be studied. It is also agreed that GPD lead to improvement in productivity, innovation, and job creation in every field of the economy (Kraemer and Dedrick 2011). The other group criticizes the bad impact of inflation on the economy and the fact that inflation leads to the development of unemployment leading to the development of slums around the big cities and towns (Harvey Brenner, H. 2011). Objective of the study In this study, we are interested in determining if there is any relation between the consumption and the factors; tax, inflation, and investment. It’s true that unemployment on the GDP is caused by different factors like tax, inflation, and investment. The variation of these factors is one of the great causes of unemployment of the economy. This study is trying to identify the relationship between the dependent variable unemployment, and the independent variables, tax, inflation, and investment. This research will be analysis using
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