Effect Of Witchcraft On Europe

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The effect of Witchcraft accusations on Europe in the middle Ages Witches, are they real or fake? That question continues to be asked today. However, in the Middle Ages, a time period blurred by war, religious incursions, and disease, witches may have or may have not have existed, but something that was just as bad if not worse did. Witchcraft accusations. Witchcraft accusations unleashed a whole host of new problems such as: rampant persecution and paranoia, and the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and the use of politics rather than religion when they so often went hand in hand. The witchcraft accusations and the first witchcraft trials, begin with the Spanish Inquisition which was started by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella (Spanish Inquisition). The Spanish Inquisition began in 1478 after it was approved by Pope Sixtux IV (Spanish Inquisition – History of the Spanish Inquisition). Although it was suspended by various kings and queens throughout the years, the Inquisition did not officially end until 1834 (Ryan). The purpose of the inquisition was to try to unite the country under one faith by forcing out anyone who did not believe or practice completely, the Catholic faith. However, it was The Basque Witch Trials that went from 1609 - 1614 that was the greatest effort to get rid of heretics or witches (Mastin). The inquisition was a political stunt because they turned hostile towards other religions. Much like modern day politics. For example, gay

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