Effect On Ocean Acidification

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Ocean acidification is a harmful, but important process in the ocean, it occurs when carbon dioxide is released into the ocean causing a reduction in the hydrogen. The process of ocean acidification happens underwater, and creates carbonic acid, which increases acidity in sea water ecosystems. Ocean acidification is causing climate change in the oceans and almost all saltwater environments. According to the article Interactive Oceans, “Increasing levels of carbon dioxide, however, are outstripping the absorptive abilities of the oceans and are causing climate change.” This evidence shows that the increase of carbon which is happening from the process of ocean acidification is causing the climate of oceans and the atmosphere to change. I predict that the impacts of human activity on ocean acidification will increase. Humans activity of fossil fuel combustion is causing carbon to be added into the environment and into oceans. Shown in the article Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem, “But all signs indicate that unless humans are able to control and eventually eliminate our fossil fuel emissions, ocean organisms will find themselves under increasing pressure to adapt to their habitat's changing chemistry or perish.” This text shows that human activity has a great impact on ocean acidification in saltwater ecosystems, because the use of deforestation and fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide. A solution to the impacts of human activity on ocean acidification is to reduce
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