Effect of Bollywood on the Status of Indian Women

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Rahil Rajesh Gala Media Studies Professor Sylvia Martin 6th April, 2010. Fight for your rights: The effect of Bollywood on the status of Indian women. “However much a mother may love her children, it is all but impossible her to provide high-quality child care if she herself is poor and oppressed, illiterate and uninformed, anaemic and unhealthy, has five or six other children, lives in a slum or shanty, has neither clean water nor safe sanitation, and if she is without the necessary support either from health services, or from her society, or from the father of her childen” wrote V. Ramalingswami in…show more content…
With the advent of globalization, the western culture has had an influence in curbing prostitution to a limited extent. However there arose a new problem. A more sophisticated version of prostitution started coming into play. This form of women abuse was called casting couch. There was a steep rise in women’s employment in late 1990’s and early 2000’s and it is ever increasing till the present date. Employers would promise these girls employment only if they were willing to have a one night stand if not a sexual relationship. This was more prevalent in the fashion and movie industry as well as the call center industry. Although not proven, it is said that many politicians are also involved in such activities. ‘Page 3’ was the first movie ever to show the concept of casting couch that existed in India. Although the movie focuses on a lot of other aspects about the life surrounding the celebrities, it shows how young and new actresses and models have no other choice but to comply with the sexual wishes of the employers to pursue their dream. In reality there have been a lot of speculations about the origins of some Bollywood actresses. Another movie ‘Fashion’ made by the same producer of ‘Page 3’ shows how one young villager is the new leading model of a fashion company due to her sexual relationship with the entrepreneur who owns the company. The minute his wife
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