Effect of Broken Home

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Academic Perfomance of Students Coming from Broken Homes CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study: Broken homes are experience by some of the students not only with those in poverty line families but same goes to middle and higher class families. Parents chose to live separately regardless how their children feel and its impact to their lives, however, there are still parents in spite of the situation still supports and care of their children in their studies, and others. It is worthy to note that majority of high school students in the country who got poor or failing grades in their academic subjects came from broken homes. Some of them as we saw were not just having poor academic performance but instead they let themselves be…show more content…
Further research is needed to understand factors that may affect academic performance once their family is broken. The subject matter under investigation was the profile of the students in terms of age, gender and academic performance. They study correlated the age and academic performance and also correlated the gender and academic performance. The indicator that will be used for academic performance shall be the students’ first grading Grade Point Average during the school year 2011 – 2012. In the profiling the respondents, the Student Profile from the guidance office was utilized. CHAPTER II THEORETICAL AND CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Review of Literature and Related Studies This study is anchored on Field Theory and Family Stress Theory. Both theories provide psychological bases for both explanatory and exploratory understanding of the study. For Kurt Lewin, behaviour was determined by totality of an individual’s situation, in his field theory, a ‘field’ is defined as the ‘totality of coexisting factors which are conceived of as mutually interdependent’ (Tognotti, 2008). Subsequently, field theory deals with the problem of how people gain an understanding of themselves and their environments and how using their cognition, they act in relation to their environments (Beronio, 2003). There is basically a change of oneself if the environment
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