Effect of Broken Home Essay

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study Broken home is a worldwide problem and it occurs in a situation whereby the parent are not able to cope with each other may be as a result of financial constraint or incompactibility of their behavior hence the child live with either of the parents. The parents in order to make bolt ends meet will not be at home most of the time. The child is deprived of love and affection and parent s enlightenment and motivation on how to go about things. The family in this situation becomes less important as an educating an gent where the parents the child is living will have to re – marry , either the man or woman, the child may not be acceptable by the step parent. Thus, such a child…show more content…
Although, evidence from experience with people shows that broken home can still be better than unhappy home. However, it is noted that the way the children perceive the home before breakage and separation will affect the behavior. For instance, the children that saw the family happy before separation tends to be more adversely affected after breakage. Broken home also affects the health of such children as they will not have confidence in telling their parents of any illness until it becomes complicated and get out of hands. Even when the child reports about this sickness, the parent may not have money to take him to the hospital and may consult quacks or go for self medication and this can make the situation worse unlike where the parents are together they co-operate with each other to seek medical help. Broken home can be prevented by educating to study each other before going into marriage and not to rush into it. Also, both parents should endure each other in a situation where there is poor socioeconomic status. Also the wives should try and respect their husband and avoid disrupting situation. 1.2 Statement of the Problem Broken home is considered as an enemy and has effect on academy performance of children because of it various vices. In a desperate move, parents who are not living together, their children are hell bent by joining bad gang because there is no role model for them. The parents are expected to show love to their children. They
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