Effect of Cigarette Smoking Essay

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7HW019 Health Protection and Health Improvement
Postgraduate Block 2 2011/12

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Bearing in mind the potentially devastating impact of tobacco smoking on the health of the population and the epidemic levels seen in Europe, this is a public health challenge and should be addressed as such.
Evaluation of current evidences Ill health doesn’t happen by chance or through bad luck, but it is highly attributed to the complex interplay between various determinants of health (Naidoo, and Wills, 2000), therefore, in order to study this risk behavior, it is important to study its variation in trends among the various geographical regions within the country. Epidemiological studies done among adults population in North-East Nigeria has linked tobacco smoking with male gender, age and low socio- economic status which comprised of the income, educational status and occupational class of the population (Desalu et al, 2008).
There are underlying factors which may encourage the display of such risky behavior. These include peer pressure, the need for social acceptance and pleasure. Poverty and illiteracy are constant findings observed among these affected population. There is scanty knowledge about the health implications of tobacco smoking and also poor access to health facilities where advice on tobacco smoking may be easily derived. Most smokers see tobacco smoking as a coping mechanism against stress and anxiety (Desalu et
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