Essay about Effect of Geography on English Colonies in America

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A.P US History The Effect Of Geography On English Colonies The New England, Middle and Southern colonies were all English ruled, but yet very different. Among their distinctions, was the geography which played an important role in shaping these colonies. New England attracted Puritan farmers who wanted to separate from the Catholic Church. But because of the bone dry soil in the North, these colonists found they couldn't continue with their traditional ways of farming. However, with the immense amounts of water that surrounded them, they found that they could fish and trade. The Middle colonies on the other, hand had a moderate amount of everything. The fertile soil and the major seaports such as Philadelphia and New York,…show more content…
Therefore, because life expectancy was longer than that of the South enabling the growth of large families. Adults and children alike were expected to work, slave labor was not needed on the small farms in New England. Each family farmed enough to provide for their family. When indentured servants did come over to New England, they found that land was very dear. Those wanting to work in exchange for land found that they needed to go further south. Consequently, New England had the least ethnically mixed population of all the regions. The need for extensive travel was limited in the North. The reason for this was because the rivers were short and hard to negotiate. Therefore transportation by means of water was extremely difficult. The colonists found it proved to be more economical to settle close to one another. The northerners did make an effort to enrich their lifestyle by clearing forests for livestock .However this proved to be detrimental as the impact of cattle and other livestock over grazed the land which lead to extensive erosion and flooding. One positive aspect the resulted from the clearing of the land was the realization of the voluminous amounts of lumber that could be used for shipbuilding and exportation. The small towns in New England were tightly built settlements that centered around the churches and schools. Strong family units were the building block of each town. Towns that housed
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