Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on Diesel Fuel Performance

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Effect of Hydrogen peroxide on Cetane Number of Diesel/H2O2 Blend Muhammad Saad Khan, Zulkafli Bin Hassan, Iqbal Ahmed Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, University Malaysia Pahang, 26300 UMP, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia; Phone: +6017-9222194, Fax +609-5492535 ABSTRACT Diesel has a mark as traditional hydrocarbon structure as conventional fuels. H2O2 freshly reported as fuel combustion enhancer and to be a low-emission high-quality oxidizer. Consequently, this article discusses the influence of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) combination with diesel in different percentages for combustion and COx, SOx and NOx emissions. A comparative study will be carried out to analyze the effect on direct insertion of H2O2 into the…show more content…
The average chemical formula for common diesel fuel is C12H23, ranging approximately from C10H20 to C15H28. [7]. Specific gravity, flash point, viscosity, sulfur content, and carbon residue increase with increase in service severity. The cetane number (which measures the fuel’s ignition quality) decreases with increase in service severity. There is Table 1:Components of diesel fuel. also a decrease in volatility with increase in service severity. Since the cetane rating of the fuel is a measure of the ignition characteristics of the fuel, it can be concluded that the heavier members of the paraffin family have higher cetane ratings. In fact, cetane, C16H34 (hexadecane) is the primary reference fuel in the cetane scale with an arbitrary cetane rating of 100 while other normal paraffins have cetane ratings that vary almost linearly with the length of the chain. S.No | General Formula | Hydrocarbon | Characteristics | 1 | n-paraffins | CnH2n+2 (Straight chain) | Low specific gravity & high cetane number | 2 | Iso-paraffins | CnH2n+2 (Branch chain) | Same sp.gr. as 1 but lower cetane no. & B.P. | 3 | Cyclo-paraffins | CnH2n | Higher sp.gr. than 1 but lower cetane number | 4 | Benzenes | CnH2n-6 | Higher sp.gr & B.P. but lower cetane no. than 1-3 | 5 | Naphthalenes | CnH2n-12 | Highest sp.gr & B.P. & lowest cetane no. | Important Properties of diesel fuel 1. Relative density or specific gravity 2. API gravity 3. Flash point (usually above 130 0C) 4.

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