Effect of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) and Pandan (Pandanus Amaryllifolius) Leaves’ Water Extracts in Reducing Wriggler’s Life Span

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Effect of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) and Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) Leaves’ Water Extracts in Reducing
Wriggler’s Life Span

Thea Abigail Y. Lomibao
Ma. Michaela Joana O. Aquino
Joel D.Mendoza

San Pablo City National High School
San Pablo City

Mrs. Glory M. Serrano
Research Adviser

A Science Investigatory Project submitted in fulfillment of the requirements in
Research I-B
S.Y. 2010-2010

Dengue fever has always been a problem to everyone and it is not advisable to always use pesticide to control the mosquito-causing dengue since it will cause harm to one’s health and our environment. So this study was conducted to determine was conducted to determine the effect of aromatic
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Significance of the Study It was stated earlier that one of the best ways in controlling pests is through the use of insecticides or pesticides. These pest-controlling products are mainly made up of chemicals. But, there is a serious effect in our environment when it comes to the improper use of these chemicals. It contributes to air pollution and is harmful to everyone’s health. It is, therefore, significant to use alternatives and practical ways to stop use of chemicals and learn to make use of them in such a way that our environment as well as our health will not be affected.

Scope and Limitation The scope of this study is to use pandan and lemongrass as alternative control method for chemical insecticides in controlling the development of mosquito larvae in our environment and household. The experiment was conducted in San Pablo City National High School from November to December 2010.

Definition of Terms
Mortality rate- is a measure of the number of deaths in some population, scaled to the size of that population, per unit time
Lemongrass - is a commercially-viable plant that is cultivated mainly for the fragrance that it produces
Pandan - most predominantly used in the Southeast Asian cooking and is upright with fan shaped sprays like structure of leaves that are narrow and blade-like
Life span - is the expected number of years of life
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