Effect of Marijuana Essay

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Abstract: In America Marijuana has been a topic of debate for many years. Many people of society and even the national government have expressed strong against the uses of marijuana. They view Marijuana as a drug that causes people to act against rules that has been set by society. However they fail to look at the positive benefits that can come from the uses of marijuana which actually have been proven by researchers to have positive benefits when it comes to the well being of people. Even Doctor has found ways that marijuana could be of good use in the medical field. On the contrary they have yet to provide evidence to show how marijuana is a direct cause to violence or even corrupt behavior in society. So the question is…show more content…
Marijuana has been shown to increase appetite and food intake after smoking. This information is useful particularly for HIV infected patients who are at risk for opportunistic infections, enteric infections leading to malabsorption, and decreased caloric intake. These risk factors can lead to decrease in appetite, cachexia, and weight loss (Clinical Uses of Marijuana, 2010). Before pain relievers pills doctor would prescribe marijuana to help patients to deal with different pains. This shows that marijuana can be used to help people from suffering with sever pains. Cannabinoids were shown to inhibit tumor angiogenesis in mice with gliomas by reducing the expression of various vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) pathway-related genes. The cannabinoids work by increasing the potency of a fat molecule known as ceramide. Increased ceramide activity, in turn, inhibits cells that would normally produce vascular endothelial growth factor and encourage blood vessel growth. Because blockade of the vascular

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