Effect of Media on Eating Habits

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The Impact of Television Media on Food Choices The detrimental influence of television media on food choices and eating habits of youth in American is a serious issue. Due to the continual variety of media American children are exposed to on a daily basis the response of poor behavior and unhealthy lifestyle habits have shown to increase the health risks of this population. More than one issue is at the root of this problem. Circumstances Studies date back to the 70s in reference to television media and the influence advertisements had (and still have) on populations exposed to such media. Currently this is a serious and growing concern for public health officials, registered dietitians, and families interested in living…show more content…
In the home, if there is a lack of parental control monitoring children’s media exposure, children are then at a higher risk of being influenced. Children heavily influenced by the media have the ability to manipulate how money is spent and savvy companies see them as the consumers to be targeted (Peregrin, 2001, p. 56). Children sometimes even spend their own money on the products they see repeatedly reinforced around them. Advertisers use this well known fact to target children because they know the powerful influence children can have on their parents purchasing decisions (Peregrin, 2001, p. 56). In an article written in 2001, Registered Dietitian, Adrienne Dorf expressed her opinion about educating children who are exposed to excessive media. She emphasized the need to explain the difference between television programs and commercials to children who may not be able to differentiate the two. Dorf urged parents to explain the idea of sales and the fact that the food advertised via commercials may not be the best for our bodies. Dietary habits form over a lifetime and are greatly influenced by the social environment and family setting as well as the media (Schneider, 2006, p. 277). From time to time parents struggle with taking their children into the supermarket for groceries just because they don’t want to fight about what
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