Effect of Motivation on Employees Productivity

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY One of the most erratic of all available organizational resources is human. As a matter of fact, a major perplexing issue facing the Nigerian organization over the last few years is not that of retaining the workforce because they (the workers) want to leave voluntarily, rather, it is that of finding ways and means of retaining them because the opening environment makes it difficult to continue to keep employees beyond a certain maximum number. Research reports has shown that employees motivation is essential in an organization as it is a key to a successful organization need for maintaining continuity and survival. Motivating the staff leads to broaden their skills to meet the…show more content…
The nations (Nigerian) reward system is probably the poorest in the entire globe were an average take home of the worker is put at $120 per month. Workers are used and abused harassed, treated, offended and discarded without any appreciation for their contribution to their organization and to the society at large. It is therefore apparent that the issue of adequate motivation of worker has relevance in managerial function and activities that are aimed at directing the productive effort of the workforce toward achieving organizational objectives. Babalola (2006) quoting “Knotz et al (1980)”, holds that management strives to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to the performance of individuals who are working together in groups towards the accomplishment of pre-selected objective result in the conflict of goals between individuals and their groups. Motivation is the key of a successful organization to maintain the continuity of the work in a powerful manner and help organizations to survive. Motivation is finding a need inside the employees and help to achieve it in a smooth process. Motivating the staff leads to broaden their skill to meet the organizational demands. Each manager should have the responsibility to work with the staff to find out their individual needs and put them side by side to the organization needs. Dissatisfaction also,
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