Effect of Online Games Addiction on Study Habits

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INTRODUCTION Online games are one of the medium of entertainment especially in the youth of modern era in Batangas. Virtual or cyber games over internet are direct personally to each individual user. It encourages and requires the participation of individual user or gamester. It is an inexpensive in the sense that the internet connections for the online games are easily accessible everywhere and anywhere and affordable these days. This aspect works in association with the personal characteristic and importance of discipline to the individual (student) gamester. The effective advertisement and promotions of online games developers caught the youth or student’s attention to response. These qualities of online games advertisement…show more content…
SCOPE AND DELIMINATION OF THE STUDY One of the major limitations of this study is the unequal number of student gamester examined. There is no set number of gamester to be interview for each of the internet café and computer shop nearby LCC campus. The data gathering process was carry on as all the gamester came from the same pool: online games. The researcher acknowledges the existence of a dichotomy in the industry – online and offline games. Definitely, the researcher’s biases as a critical individual cannot fully set aside. It will not get in the way and become taxing for this study to be factual and objective, however. Au contraire, these biases will be channeled to the advancement of this study. These biases, after all, are not a matter of taste, but of criticality towards any form of entertainment medium. New formats not discriminated against for fear of change, but evaluated for their overall effects on and contribution to the current state of Filipino education and culture.

IMPORTANCE /SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The college students are often considered a bell wither of internet use, but the internet is not the only technology they have in corporate into every life. Furthermore, today college students are using technologies like cell phones, MP3 players, and other device to certain themselves wherever they may be. Playing video games improves manual dexterity among surgeons, making

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